children's cancer center

With over 24 support programs and over 1,000 families relying on our services, we could never offer the necessary emotional, financial, and educational support children and their, siblings, and parents need to cope with this life threatening disease with out you all!
— Patricia O'Leary, Executive Director of Children’s Cancer Center

How the money we raised in 2017 went to use:

  • $50,000 will be allocated to provide 100 families the opportunity to attend our Oncology Support Groups for an entire year.  With this program, children and their families are offered art therapy, music therapy, recreational therapeutic play, and facilitated support group sessions while having dinner and connecting with others with a similar diagnosis. 
  • $25,000 will be allocated to sending 50 children on active treatment for cancer to a week long summer camp of their choice. We offer 4 camp opportunities, one of which involves flying to Rochester, NY and connecting with children from around the world that are also diagnosed with cancer.
  • $10,000 will be allocated to providing 125 families with the appropriate mental health counseling that is needed to cope with the psycho-social strain that is associated with a pediatric cancer diagnosis. 
  • $29,000 will be allocated to providing 195 families with a gas and Publix food gift card in our Fueling Families program. 
  • $296 will be allocated to providing 6 newly diagnosed patients with a Love Bundle. 

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What a gift this was to Clothes To Kids! This most kind and generous gift will allow us to clothe more than 685 children with a week’s worth of school clothes!

Let us show you how powerful and impactful this gift is to Clothes To Kids:

That’s more than . . .

  • 3,425 pairs of new underwear
  • 3,425 pairs of news socks
  • 3,425 tops
  • 2,740 bottoms
  • 3,425 coats
  • 3,425 pairs of shoes
  • 1,712 dresses … Given to kids in our community all free of charge! 
That’s because of Y-O-U!!! 685 kids getting the clothes they need so they can go to school with confidence to focus on what truly matters. We cannot do what we do without the support of our community and because of your determination, long days and nights of planning this phenomenal event our kids get clothes! Clothes matter. We are forever grateful.
— Jennifer Jacobs, Clothes To Kids, Inc.